Flora and fauna on Golija

    Golija is considered to be the center of a variety of plant species and empire maple (Acer heldreichii), which is building  here its most beautiful and best preserved deciduous and deciduous-coniferous forests and fauna on Golija. This species survived the ice age. Protected natural rarities on Goliji are: Europian Bleak (or holly), Jeremicak  (Dafne blagayana Freyer) , short- bristly spruce, mountain maple, prostrate juniper, pyramid fir. There are round 100 herbs on Golija.

    Only extremely talented writers could describe the unique flora and fauna, wide pastures and landscapes of mountain Golija, which can not leave indifferent any of visitors but would certainly leave them  wordless. Due to over a hundred species of medical plants, in early spring you can meet hundreds of gatherer of herbs on Golija.Moreover, it is an important ornithological center on the Old Continent because of the recorded presence of 95 different species of birds and because of numerous game species possesses huge potential for hunting tourism, which is today the most utilized one.The Government of the Republic of Serbia, due to all the above mentioned qualities, adopted in July 2001 a Decree putting the area of mountain Golija into the first category of protection as a natural property of outstanding character.

    This mountain beauty and immeasurable natural wealth which we have at arm’s length you really need to experience and breathe although she will all over again leave you breathless.



Ribizla je ...  
Iako na pomen njihovog imena većina nas pomisli na lako prepoznatljive okrugle blagoprozirne crvene bobice, treba znati da se u kuhinji mogu koristiti i mladi prolećni listovi. Oni su bogati C vitaminom i mogu se jesti i kao dodatak salatama i kao zeleni deo sendviča. Sitno seckani, izmešaju se sa razmekšalim maslacem i tako se dobije odličan vitaminski namaz. Takođe se mogu staviti i u sirće, kome daju prijatnu aromu. Čaj od lišća ribizle deluje diuretično i pomaže izbacivanju kamenova iz bubrega i mokraćnih puteva.