Recreation . . .

    A special experience is the visit to Dajičkog, Tičar or Košanin lakes, which are found in the wild and intact nature of Golija. Golija is rich in water resources and has over 100 sources. Golija is also rich in forest fruits, and has registered about 100 species of herbs. The trails of Golija are easy to walk, a elevation difference of Golija requires some better physical condition and mountain shoes for walking.

    For those who love hiking, length of circular footpaths on Goliji is 9 km and 12 km, and they generally range from Golija river. Members of mountain organization "Golija" carried out tracing and marking.


Blueberry is a healthy fruit that has multiple purposes. Bilberry is one of the healthiest fruits of the forest. There is plenty of it on Golija in the months of June and July. Blueberry fruit is rich in many health-benefiting nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins and it is used in traditional as well as in official medicine.


Although by mentioning their names most of us think of easily identifiable red berries, one should know that young spring leaves also can be used the kitchen. They are rich in vitamin C and can be eaten as addition to salads and as the green part of sandwiches. Finely chopped, mixed with softened butter and so you get an excellent vitamin spread. It also can be put in vinegar and give pleasant aroma to it. Tea leaves from currant has diuretic effect and helps getting tid of kidney stone and urinary tract.

Wild berries

Yellow dandelion


Wild blackberry