Winter on Golija

    Golija is a mountain in southwestern Serbia, whose highest peak is Jankov kamen (1833 m) and Crni Vrh (1795m). It is located about 40 km southwest of Ivanjica and 32 km north of Novi Pazar. Golija belongs to the inner zone of Dinara mountain system. It stretches in the direction west-east a distance of about 32 km.  In the western part it is curved to the south and in the east to the north. Golija is the largest mountain in the southwestern part of Serbia with an area of ​​75.138 ha.

    During the winter season, which lasts several months, guests can ski on the 600 meters long track with the trodden snow, walk through the forest mountain trails with a total length of 20 km, fragrant meadows and through dense pine forest to Janko’s stone, 1834m- the highest peak of Golija, and other peaks which offer magnificent view of Southwest Serbia or simply welcome the haunting " morning of Golija" in the company of local residents with the specialties of Golija.